Binary Options Trading SignalsToday we are going to review signal provider which is not like the others. There are no SMS signals, no listed signals on website. This is first and still the only signal provider, where you can actually look over the trader’s shoulder in real time. Yes, if we are talking about this signal provider, we are actually talking about one and only really live trading.


The look of the website is something, what we are used to from a lot of signal providers. The website is looking good, but sadly we had a feeling, like we are looking at on of the scams sites from what we read. The website is also not really up to date. There is a professional looking video though, which is slightly improving the impression.


The subscription is handled by clickbank, which is internet payments provider who has pretty good reviews. So the good thing is, that the actual money are handled by clickbank, so for example if a hacker will attack the site, your money is in safe space all the time. Note: Exactly this happened, when we were testing this platform. All of the signals are short-term, so we recommend broker, which has a good platform for short term trading. The Master Trader is using BeeOptions, so this one should do it.

Binary Options Signals main points

Binary options Trading signals main points taken from the website


As we said above, this provider is different. So how does it work. After you subscribe you will be able to go to the live trading room, which is provided by Meeting Burner platform. You will see the Master Trader’s screen, where he has the main currencies such as EUR/USD, EUR/JPY etc. On the left side you can see chat between other subscribers. Master Trader has headset on so you can hear what is he doing all the time. Master is really helpful and really nice guy. He always want’s to help you. You can ask questions and communicate with him, which is something you don’t see everyday. What is the Master trader trying to do for last year is to teach you how to use his systems by your own without him saying what you should do. That’s really awesome because Master is giving 1 trade per day which is not much but if you’ll learn his formulas, you can have even 30 signals per day! We are not going into details how the platform works or how to reads his signals, we’re going to prepare mini series about this one instead.


This is not easy to tell, because you trade on your own most of the time, but Master trader has success rate around 80% which is really good. Some people in the room make $2000 – $4000 a day with scores like 12-1, 6-0 or 7-1. We didn’t get that far, our success rate was at 68% which is still really good. But don’t get too excited. There are lot of people who don’t respect what Master is saying and they lose a lot of money there. But if you’ll just go with Master’s signals you can’t go wrong. Subscription is $97 for 2 weeks, which is quite a lot but it’s definitely worth it. Before subscribing be sure to check the time frame because the trading room is opened only from 09:30AM – 11:30AM CET.

Binary Options trading Signals results

Binary options Trading signals results taken from the website

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