Selecting a broker

BrokersThere are so many brokers for binary options out there right now. But how much of them are really reliable? Not that much. We are here to help you with finding the correct one. Every broker has different offerings. One has good profits, second one nice bonuses, third one every asset you can imagine and the fourth one can be just a scam. We want to help you with picking the right one without losing any money. Here are the main things you have to consider before picking your broker.

1. Trading platform

You want a broker that will allow you to use their software without fear of difficulty or delay. With fast paced trades you can’t afford it if the software slows down or wastes precious seconds. Be sure to check the platform on demo account or on small amount trades. Just remember, that the prettiest platform doesn’t necessarily mean the best. Sometimes the prettiest one is the slowest one.

2. Available assets

When you’re choosing your broker, you already have to know what you want to trade. Will you be long-term or short-term trader? Are you going to trade commodities, currency pairs or something else? You need to think about this before choosing your broker, because not every broker offers every time frame or every commodity.

 3. Good returns

This one speaks for itself. Of course you want to have some good returns, that’s why you’re here right? Broker returns are from 80%-90% usually. Comparing the brokers can be really messy, fortunately we are here to help you. If you will find two brokers, which seems to have everything the same, but one of them has by 1% better returns, go for that one for sure! 1% can mean $10000 in binary options.

4. Enough trade types

Binary options is not just about UP and DOWN. There are much more trade types, which can be more suitable for you. Every person is different, especially if the person is trader. Someone can have awesome results with CALL/PUT, someone can have awesome results with TOUCH/NOTOUCH. It’s surprising, that there are still lot of differences between the brokers.

5. Minimum deposit

Of course, not every beginner can afford to put $500 to broker just to start. There are big differences between brokers in this topic. It’s moving from $100 – $1000, but it’s safe to say, that most of the brokers have minimum deposit somewhere around $200.

6. Minimum/maximum trade

Again, this is important especially for the beginners. If you want to start with binary options and learn some strategies, you will be barely putting $1000 trades. There are some brokers, which offer minimum trade $5 but this is compensated with some other conditions in some cases.

7. Demo account

Demo account is must have for every broker! Doesn’t matter if you’re beginner or experienced broker. Always do demo! That’s the way to succeed! Unfortunately, brokers know that so they started to be quiet about the demo accounts. They stopped to give them for free and most of them are not even advertising them. But don’t get confused! Every single broker out there have a demo account, they just don’t want to give it to you! So always check our reviews first and than ask the broker about the demo account.