binary options gamblingA person who does Binary Options or is planning to do it has maybe asked himself: Is Binary Options gambling? Even the online search results also portray the same picture in front of you and then you ask yourself, “Have I made the right decision?” Possibly you have some friends who have lost a big amount of money in Binary Options and according to them Binary Options is not much different from going to casino for testing your predictions.

A million dollar question moves up that “Is Binary Options really a gambling?” Well the answer is not so straight because it is not a complete Yes or complete No in this regard. It depends on your perception of trading. Some traders play a complete gamble by depending on their luck for the profit or loss. There are some traders as well who always act as per the market patterns for reducing the amount of risk involved and for earning profits and they consider Binary Options as their business. Below are the 5 ways for recognizing addictive and risky behaviour of gambling.

Endeavouring to gain back things at any cost

Anyone can stick in this pattern of gambling. Anger, confusion and depression are natural when you lose a trade. In such situation feeling of revenge increases and takes place in the mind set. You want to come out of the loss as fast as you can. Therefore, you start trading without concerning about your rules and you get in to such trades that don’t match your criteria. Then, you also don’t care about the amount of money invested. When you lose one more trade then your will for taking revenge gets more powerful. This may lead to a very serious problem. It can be possible that you lose everything and you may find yourself unable to find a way for coming out of it.

If you are not in normal frame of mind then you shouldn’t do trading at that time. You just need a break to gain back the momentum and analyze the reason why you lost the trade. When you will find a reason then you will not make the similar mistake further. You should always remember that market is not an awake body, so how you can take revenge from it? Market doesn’t care you win or lose. Always take decision with calm mind because that will be productive for you. Never take any decision with an angry head.

Using the money that is needed for other requirements

This is the second sign that clearly displays your addiction. If you are depositing the money in your Binary account that you should spend for taking care for necessities, buying groceries, paying bills, and for any other requirements that it clearly indicates your addiction. You have no need to disobey your other priorities and obligations in order to carry on Binary Options. You will lose the balance of your life once you start depositing money in your Binary Options account that is for the completion of other obligations. If you have a family then it should come first rather than your Binary Options account. You shouldn’t transfer money from your saving account to your trading account in order to counteract losses of trading. It will not help you for the purpose by any mean. If needed, then change the way of your trading because it can help you in minimizing the losses further. You can transfer additional money to your trading account once after meeting your quota of saving and paying all the bills.

Betting licentious amount of money in trading

It can be quite devastating for you. You need to set some rules for trading because it will give you certain and precise direction to move on. For better results you should go for the best trades and should invest them on consistent basis because it can be quite productive for you along with minimal amount of risk involved.

Demolition of your trading rules

Violating trading rules can’t be profitable for you by any mean. These are the rules for scheduling and other aspects of trading system. These rules are completely helpful in making you precise and act as per a certain plan. You invite disorder when you break any of these rules. This will lead to increase in your losses by all means. You need to work within your rules otherwise you will not become able to achieve desired goals.

Avoid talking with responsibility partners and family members related to trading

It clearly displays that you are in a deep problem. You are completely responsible to those people who depend on you and they deserve the first place in your life than trading. If you don’t have a family hen you may have a friend, fellow trader or a mentor who likes to see you grow and always focus on the right way for achieving the goals. If you are not giving the right answer or hiding something form your accountability partner or family then remember that you are not doing the right thing. You should tell them where the money is going and how you are dealing with your trading related affairs.

Remember that there will always be possibility of losing money in trading even if you consider trading like business. You can’t get hundred percent of winning-rate by any mean. Though, risk recognition may reduce the amount of losses as it will give you a realistic viewpoint and also helps you in achieving your goals ethically. Though, there is a bit of gambling but it is not wrong. There is always the abundance of unpredictability when you invest your money in a new business. Binary Options doesn’t encourage addictive behaviour or other similar mistakes but you should always be at extra attentive mode regarding changes in your behaviour, and try to stay away from the trap of gambling. Always recognize the risk and act accordingly and then you will be on the path of constant success. Do you have any tips for the beginners or any story you want to share? Please tell us in the comments.