Quantum Binary SignalsLot of our users requested this review. Quantum Binary Signals is one of the oldest ones in the business. It’s SMS signals provider, which advertise from 62 – 85% success rate per week. Is it really that good?

Quantum Binary Signals Website

The website does not look as it was some scam service. Site has professional look without any bad elements, like videos how the service is awesome and other things, we can see on some scam sites. Quantum Binary Signals website is up to date with straight-forward information. Maybe we would like to see some table with last results there. But overall, we are satisfied with the website.

Quantum Binary Signals Subscription

The subscription is handled by clickbank, which is certified internet payments provider, so you don’t have to worry about your money. They’re safe. Subscription cost $100 per month, which is much cheaper than Binary Options Trading Signals for example. Another great plus is, that you can get trial for 7 days (5 signal days) for just $10, which shows how much are the signal makers confident about their signals.

Quantum Binary Signals Results

So far, so good. But what about the results? Well that’s the thing. There are two ways how can you get the signals. E-mail and SMS. We tried both and because we are on the move all the time, we went with SMS. We received 6 signals per week with score 3:3. That’s 50% and that means, we are losing money. But we believed in the service, so we tried full month period. Our success rate stopped at 55% which made little profit but nothing huge. How come, that the company advertises 62 – 85% and we’ve had just 55%? Well, the signals are not coming in specific time, that means you always have to be online to be prepared to receive the message and take your trade. All day. We can say, that the reaction time made us lose big percent of the trades. Even when you’re hanging on your phone waiting, you’re receiving the message, taking your trade and suddenly you can see, that the entry is already really bad for you. Worst thing about this is, that the trades are from 10 minutes to 45 minutes long, so you have to react fast.