SignalsBinary Option market is a big opportunity for everyone. For traders, for brokers and also for signal providers. Who are these? In some cases, they are just traders, who are confident enough to share their trades with people for money. Some of them are the brokers, who can provide you the signals just for depositing your money there. But most of the signal providers could be easily labelled as scam. There are 4 main types of signals.

Broker Signals

Signals provided by the broker. Can be provided for depositing your money or for monthly fee. They are usually sent out by SMS, mail or directly into the trading platform. If you’ll sign up for any of the brokers out there, prepare yourself for hundreds of mails advertising their awesome signals. Don’t trust these. We tried many of the broker’s signals and we know, that they are one of the worsts. Why you’re asking? Why would a company tell you how to take their money if they can tell you how to lose?

SMS Signals

Second way how to get the signals are the SMS ones. This type of signals really grown over the past few years and we can’t tell they’re bad. We had quite good results with some of those. But SMS signals can suffer in some ways. If the signal is short-term, let’s say 15 minutes trade, single points can make a change. So what happens if the SMS comes a minute or two minutes late? You can have worse entry than minute before and you can lose the trade, which would be successful if the SMS would come as it should.

Online Signals

Probably the most common way how to share signals. This type of signals really grown in last two years. There are websites, which offer the signals in the online form. Some of them are paid, some of them completely for free. Of course, you can think that if the signals are for free, they’ll not be the best but as you’ll see in our reviews, it’s not always like that.

Auto Robots

Last way how to get the signals are the automatic robots, which will takeover your trading platform and trade instead of you. Whole thing works like this. You will buy subscription, download a cookie or a plugin to your browser, leave it open and the robot will place trades for you. Of course there is a chance, that the robot will cleanup your account but that didn’t happened to us yet.

Provider Signal form Success rate % Signals/week Our score
BINARY OPTIONS TRADING SIGNALS Live session Up to 85% 5 – 100 4.6