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StrategiesWe already told you, that if you want to be a successful trader, you’ll need solid broker, good mindset and bunch of working
strategies. Of course the strategies are different for short term and long term trading. If you’re 60 seconds trader, you’ll need completely different strategies than long term trader. We will try to review the strategies which worked for us from time to time but let’s do some theory first.

Long term strategies

If you’re more conservative person, you will most likely like do long term trades. They are not nailbiters as short term trades are. Successful traders use economic calendar, which can tell you quite a lot of things. It will not most likely tell you what you should trade, but what you should NOT trade. Of course some traders are doing trades based on economic news but we don’t recommend these for beginners. You have to know at least the basics how the market react to particular events. So let’s see what you will need for long term trading.[/fusion_text]

Then you will need economic calendar, which shows all economic events, such as feds and bank meetings. News related to any currency can move the market by a 1000 points in just a few minutes. Please check our economic calendar
Use of trading platform is a must in case of long term trading. It is a PC/MAC application, where you can use special tools to analyze the markets, plan or even place your trades. Probably the biggest one is MetaTrader 4, which is used by thousands of people over the world from beginers to hardcore traders.
Do you want to be long term trader? If the answer is yes, you should probably start reading market news, financial news and have overall knowledge of the whole world economy.
There are lots and lots of long term strategies. Some of them works more often, some of them don’t. We will go through the strategies, which works the best for us over the time but remember. None of the strategies works in 100% of the time.

Short Term strategies

Do you like adrenalin? Then you’ll love short term trading. Short term trading is different for everyone. They say, that 1 hour trade is short term the other ones can say that it’s long term already. Anyway, for us the short term trades are from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. If you’re about to trade these, prepare these things.

Not every broker has this option so choose wisely. If you’re not sure about the brokers, be sure to check out our reviews. Also choose the ones, which has fast, reliable trading platform.
No, don’t go to the store for a new watch. We mean set your PC clock of course. Before you’ll trade, always make sure your clock are perfectly synchronised with the ones you’ll see on your trading platform. In short term trading, seconds can and will make the difference between winning and losing.
In case you’ll trade 60 or 30 seconds trades, you will need quick hands. Always make sure, you know perfectly what to watch and where to click before you’ll initiate a trade.
It may sound strange but there are strategies for 60 seconds trades and if you don’t want to just gamble and wipe out your account you should use them. You can find lot of “strategies” out there for this type of trading but always make sure you can trust them! Always try new strategies on your demo account or use the ones are approved by us.


And finally we have binary options signals. We talked about them in our specific section┬ábut we had to mention it here. Signals are type of strategy. We know lot of traders, who just don’t want to try their own thing and they’re using just signals. Some of them made actually a really good living out of it. Unfortunately, we know lot of traders, who happened to be victims of many signal providers scams. If you don’t want to be one of them, be sure you always check our reviews first! We don’t have a review for specific provider? Contact us!