Binary Options money managementLot of people are looking for an online job in 21 century. If you will search for that in google, you’ll find 20 scam out of 30 pages. It’s easy to get scammed, but there are still lot of opportunities for mothers, youngsters or for people, who just want to find 2nd job. Binary Options is definitely one of them.

Binary Options is not a scam

Lot of websites are saying, that you’ll get rich in a very short time with minimum work with binary options. That’s simply not true. To master binary options takes time, big patience and most of all mental ability to control yourself. Binary options is nowhere close to gambling, but it’s easy to lose some money if you don’t control yourself.

So what is Binary Options?

It is quite a new path of trade in financial markets. Binary options have got their legal existence in the year 2008 in United States since then it has become the easiest and one of the most effective ways of trading. It is a bit different from other because here you just try to forecast the movement of the original asset without taking the ownership of any asset. Don’t consider it as a long term investment. Consider it as prediction about the possible movement of any particular asset.

How it works?

You can be completely right or completely wrong in this trade. There is no any third direction available here. It sounds intimidating but the reality is totally different. You choose an asset and forecast about its movement i.e. whether it will go up or down in value. After figuring this out your associated broker will show the percentage of the amount you will have returned you before officially putting in your money in this trade. You will click the button for executing the trade after the completion of related basic factors. Binary options are quite beneficial for you because here you will have more information regarding conclusion of the trade. You will not get such precise and useful information in any other trading. You will get precise information about what amount you are about to get and also the time related to the appearance of such money. Binaries skillfully laid out all these things before your commitment. Please see the video below:

What can you trade?

You can trade commodities, indices, stocks and currency pairs with Binary Options. You are bind here at one place which is quite exciting thing. You can trade as per your requirement here; either you like to trade Japanese Yen, stock of Apple or gold futures, you can do it here with a similar platform. Without changing broker you can trade on international level as well. International traders are allowed to use the platform of plenty of top brokers that include several indices and stocks from Asia and Europe. Brokers can also be quite helpful in accomplishing your desires related to trading as they are the one stop shopping place. You don’t need to switch screens as you can trade almost everything by using the same website. One of the best brokers, which accepts traders from whole world is CherryTrade.

How long are the trades?

It is quite essential for you to remember that with Binary Options all your trades have stringent time limit and you should always pay attention to it. Few of them can be quite short and some may last for the longer period of time. You have to decide the best timeframes for you as per your requirements. One minute or 5-minute options can be ideal for you if you don’t want to put in your money in trade for longer period. If time is not the issue for you then the hour long or longer traded will be ideal for you. You should always keep one thing in mind about expiry times is that they are adjustable only till you commit to the trade. Once after committing the trade you just need to wait. It is completely different form share trading where you can easily sell all your shares any time you wish. Some of the brokers will allow you to sell off your trade. They will provide you small refund in return. But you have no need to worry in this regard until you are an advanced trader.

CherryTrade trading platform

What kind of trade should I choose?

There are three main choices you will get in Binary Options and you should have proper knowledge of them. Below is the description regarding all the three:

  • Basic Call/Put Trade– In this option you simply forecast about any asset that its price will go up or down at the time of expiration.
  • One Touch Trade– In this option you will get a target price at the start of the trade and if the price of the asset reaches that target or beyond that during the period of trading then you can consider your investment productive for you. Before starting the trade the price is predetermined by the broker so that you may do the best and timely preparation for the purpose.
  • Boundary Trade– In this trade you will get range of prices from the broker and you have to decide that the price of the asset will be within the given price range or it will go beyond that.

There are some distinct variants of these trades. You can get quite high payouts from some of the more striking versions. Payout depends on broker as well. For instance if you willing to get big payouts on one touch trade then you need to go with far off targeted price and say yes that the targeted price will be attained. Then you will get huge payout because such possibility is hard to occur. Of course the trade types offers can differ from broker to broker.

How should I start with binary options?

You need to find a broker that will suit your requirements. Then after, you need to deposit the trading amount with broker through wire transfer or credit card. Trading money should be the money that you can bear if you lose. It shouldn’t be the amount that you need to run your daily life. After creating the account and crediting it with fund you are ready to start trading. Though, you should avoid starting the trading straight away. Before that you should take a look at the demo trading account available with broker. There is no risk involved in demo trading. This will really give you a better understanding of the working of Binary Options. Use the demo trading as much as you can till the time you craft a strategy and feeling confident enough with that. This will reduce the chances of mistakes than can happen due to inexperience. Brokers normally don’t offer demo accounts. Fortunately, we offer free demo account. Just visit this page and complete the registration. Of course, if you are a beginner, this website is right place to be. You will find everything you need to start with trading. You should check our Brokers page, where you will find most recent Broker reviews. After you’ll choose a broker, consider Signals page as your next step. Here you will find companies, which offer trading signals, where you can follow choices of experienced traders and get confident from the beginning. That’s really easy way how to start with profit. We recommend Quantum Binary Options signals as your first signal provider, and CherryTrade as your first broker. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to visit our forums, we are here to help you.


Your question maybe is, how much money can you make by this work from home. Well, if you’re successful and educated enough, you can make even thousands of dollars a day. The trades takes few hours at most and the maximum amount per trade can be as high as $75000. Of course, you should start with smaller investments :) If you’re thinking how to start, try the signal providers. It’s the easiest way. You’ll get confident about trading, you will know how it works and most probably you’ll be in profit right from the start. Then you should think about education for yourself. Every decent broker offers education centre and you can always visit our Tutorials page, where you’ll find strategies, which we admire and use on daily basis.

We hope you’ll find our website useful and we wish you best of luck on the way to success. Chase your dreams!!!